18 May 2004

Somebody gave us this photofrom the volleyball game on May 1,. the day I left for Minnesota. This is Scott's teammate, Matt, pushing the ball up to the setter, Scott, so he can hit it up gently next to the net for one of the spikers. Scott is #3, just to the left of the rising ball. This was probably taken in the morning while I was teaching, or in the afternoon after Matt had driven me to the airport. I visited the gym twice to watch the tournament, missed Scott playing both times.

How about that perfect game today? First one of the 3rd millenium and the 17th in major league baseball history. I was watching the Pacers-Heat game (yawn) and they said, "Randy Johnson has a perfect game going in the 5th inning in Atlanta. Fortunately, thanks to TBS, Atlanta is one of our home teams (another yawn) so I got to see the last 4 innings of the game.



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