30 May 2004

I finiished grading today, for all three classes, and now just have to submit the grade rosters to the records offices of each school. Just before noon I drove to Kragen to cancel an order on two cabin air filters for my Civic. They were charging me $70 for the pair but I found them on the web for $9.50 apiece. Fortunately, I was able to cancel my order and subsequently bought two pairs of filters: one for my car and one for Matt's. I hadn't even known these filters existed - they're inside the glove compartment - until the guy who changed my oil at EZ Lube wanted to change them for me, for about $50. Furthermore, the EZ Lube guys seem to have broken the case for my engine air filter, so I will need to return there on Tuesday and ask them to replace it. Ugh... and the 3-year warranty on my Civic just ended a few weeks ago.

Later I bought some food at Trader Joe's and washed my car. In the evening, Susan and I took Bailey to the beach. She just love driving in the car but gets a little impatient when she senses that we're near the water. We parked in Del Mar around 28th Street. Susan took Bailey up to dog beach while I ran down to the restaurants and back. We watched The Last Samurai in the evening. Now if I could just find the time to catch up with a few other things, like my next teaching job, projects at SAIC, cleaning my room, filing photos and papers, paying bills, etc. At least I got a run in. That felt good.


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