28 June 2004

We spent much of this weekend in the Peterson Gymnasium at San Diego State University for the Steve Fisher basketball camp. It was a huge tournament, with teams coming from as far away as Sacramento. The team went 2-4, I think. Not too bad, as they beat a couple of good teams. The last game, however, was somewhat of an embarrassment. Our team was down 42-2 at halftime, and didn't make a field goal until a few minutes into the second half. Fortunately, one of our players got hot and hit five or six 3-pointers in the second half, and we lost 26-58. Scott played quite a bit and got several assists, but no points.

The rest of the weekend went by quickly. I finished my grading, but didn't have time to do much else, other than a nice run on the beach Sunday night and a nice tour of UCSD with Matt on Saturday.

Yeah, I know, the photo is a bit blurry. Scott is #3 in the red. Credit my lack of photography skill and/or the abilities of my Olympus C-720 UZ camera for the blurriness.



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