9 July 2004

Matt drove over to Torrey Pines park to go running with me this evening. I got there much sooner than he did, so I just stood around taking photographs. It was such a nice day that he couldn't get a parking place, so I bought him a State Park pass for $120 (the cost was $35 a couple of years ago, but is higher now, thank to our governator). Still, if he visits the parks 20 times this year, he'll get my money's worth, thanks to the new $6 entry fee. For me, Torrey Pines is my "health club" and I try to get over there to run the trails or the beach several times a week. Anyone interested in tracking my success can click on the peace sign on the front page of this site. It's definitely worth the price of admission. More of today's Torrey Pines photos can be seen on my Fotopages site.



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