13 July 2004

Everybody was standing still in this photo, so it came out okay (not blurry). Scott is #3 in red. Scott actually went to one of my chemistry classes today. I was quite impressed. He's taking chemistry at the high school this summer and his class is about one session ahead of ours in subject matter, so he sat for 3 hours tonight in my class to make sure he understood stoichiometry and chemical formulas. He sat in the back of the room next to the window, did all the problems I asked my students to do, took good notes, and worked on some of his own classes' worksheets as well. He had papers spread all over the floor and even asked me a few questions (more than some, but not all, of my students bothered to ask). I think he'll do fine on his exam, as long as he doesn't make too many careless mistakes.



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