25 July 2004

This is one of the poses from Matt's yearbook photo shoot last week. They all don't include his trumpet, but I like this one because the tie is shinier than the trumpet.

Scott and I played disc golf today. I shot 56, he shot 68. We spent lots of time looking for Scott's discs on a few holes, because he was throwing into completely new territory. Seemed we looked forever and everywhere on one hole, then some guy found it for us 30-40 feet beyond where we thought it could possibly be. Scott even drove up to a few feet of the pin on Hole 6, one of the longest-playing holes at Morley. Matt stayed home reading and watching pre-convention coverage. He's always been a political junkie. This year, he gets to vote!

I got up early to watch the final stage of Le Tour. Our first year with OLN, I now know what I've been missing all these years. Maybe I'll even understand a few things when it's discussed on the porch in Maine. I have to admit my favorite parts of the tour are the scenery and the "catches", when the peloton aborbs the leaders. And how the heck did Armstrong catch Kloden in Stage 17?

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