9 October 2004

Yup, it's me in a dirty window at the Poway Preview band tournament, with lots of Sundevils behind me. Here are a few pictures I took today at their afternoon rehearsal prior to the tournament.

The band tournament today was great. Our field show went very well; the music is great and the marching is fun, a lot more fun than last year. The band sounded strong and marched pretty well. I think our color guard is excellent this year too. Rancho Bernardo's band sounded pretty good, but their music was boring and their marching was rather unchallenging. Poway's show was terrific. Their music featured each section better than I've ever heard in a marching band. They seemed to have a great time doing their show, and we had fun watching and listening to it. I got lots of good photos and videos of all three bands (not of the earlier bands).

Scott's hair is just long enough to be very difficult to stuff up into his shako. He looked fine once it was up there. Matt looked great as always. He spent much of the afternoon getting gifts together for the rest of the trumpets. I'm glad we're involved with the band.