12 October 2004

Here we are after Scott's basketball game, with Scott's friends, Matt and AJ.

Well, I saw Michael Moore's movie for the first time a couple of nights ago. Now that I've seen it, my opinion of Michael Moore is that he's a person who loves our country and respects our military soldiers more than most people in the country do. He realizes that the people who become soldiers are people from less affluent families and that they defend our country honorably. I don't understand how anybody can see this movie and think that Moore is anything but a patriot.

The movie scares me. I don't want my kids being sent to war for "intelligence" reasons against a country that didn't attack us. People will say that's what Michael Moore wants me to think, but is there anyone who would think differently?

I did not know that the protests on inauguration day were so strong. I did not know about the arguments in the Senate from black people and that no Senator supported an investigation into their plight. Why is that, anyway? Why did no Senator sign whatever it was they needed a Senator to sign? That disturbs me.

Why doesn't Bush feel bad for the Iraqis or for the families of the dead and wounded soldiers? That disturbs me too. I see no evidence to contradict Moore's assertions. All I see lately is Bush twisting John Kerry's words to his own advantage. I see Bush lying about what Kerry says. That disturbs me.