22 October 2004

This is our workplace in Nebraska. We're on an EPAS assignment here for a week and a half. I lost the original post for today, so I've collected a bit of writing I did elsewhere and pasted it in below.

SOX!!! Well, what a nice turn of events. Sox in the series. Satisfying yes, but enough, not quite. Four more wins in 2004 would be nice.

NEBRASKA: Nebraska is pretty nice. Beautiful evening tonight as the sunset produced brilliant collors in the trees. The open spaces here are such a contrast compared to just about anywhere else I've been. The City of Lincoln is nice too, with the campus nearby and lots of good looking restaurants (although I've only tried a few of them). Lots of nice coffee shops too. Only two Starbucks in the city. Seems they're just starting to take over the place.

Restaurants I've tried here:

  • Runza- Good salads, weird sandwiches.
  • Manhattan Deli - Good sandwiches. Pastrami reuben is better than the regular reuben.
  • The Oven - Indian food, not bad. I had some sort of pork dish. Get the naan, it's great.
  • Valentino's Pizza- Excellent.
  • Papa John's Pizza - the usual, pretty good.
  • Taco Inn - okay.
  • Fireworks - Good dinners. I had the traditional brisket.
  • Pulled pork barbecue sandwiches at the Huskers game. Good.
  • Fairfield Inn breakfast - not great.