6 December 2004

Scott scored a nice basket at the halftime buzzer from just inside the three-point arc. Soon before that shot was this little episode, in which the 6'6" center of the El Camino Wildcats attempted a dunk using Scott as a footstool. Some would say that Scott's wonderful defense caused the center to miss the dunk. ... well, that's probably as good an explanation as any. The great thing about this photo is that I I took it, when I wanted to take it, and without a flash. Better yet, you can see the players instead of just a blur. This is the 11th picture that I took with my new Nikon D70, set to iso 1600 and "P" mode, whatever that is. Fortunately, the other settings took care of themselves. Now I just need to improve my aim, so I can get the ball into the frame next time somebody dunks over Scott.