7 February 2005

I walked into lab with my class tonight to a blank whiteboard. Little did the students know that I had taken advantage of the fact that the board actually has sliding layers, and that I had written out a quiz an hour or so before the class started and hidden it behind some of the sliding boards. After talking for a while, I gave them each a blank page and revealed the quiz! (Hold your mouse over the dinner scene for the "revealed quiz" experience.) Fortunately for them, it was a pretty easy quiz involving measurement, precision, and significant figures. Answer for Question #1 is 3.00 inches (not 3 or 3.0 or 3.000, just 3.00). Question #2 answer: 24.300 grams.

Hmm, let's see, for the wonderful whiteboard quiz photograph: Kodak mc3, f/2.8, 5.6-mm fixed focal length lens. One of my first days in 2 months without the Nikon in tow.