8 February 2005

This cross on Mount Soledad is making national news lately as it's the center of a church-state debate. The atheists want it removed, even though it's been standing on top of this coastal hilltop for year. Yes, it's a cross, but I've thought of it more as a landmark than a religious symbol. One strategy to keep the cross here has been to designate the city park where it stands as a veteran's memorial. That didn't fly with the opponents, however, and it's still a major controversy. We voted on a Mt. Soledad-related ballot issue this past November, but none of us could figure out for sure what would happen to the cross if either side won. I'd like it to stay put, personally, because it's the site where Susan and I decided to get marriedon March 3, 1980, as we were sitting on the southwest steps looking out upon the lights of the city at 9:00 pm or so. If you come visit San Diego, remind me to take you up here, so you can see a 360-degree view of our "America's Finest City."