18 February 2005

This evening we went over to the new high school, Westview, to see Scott's basketball game at 7. Unfortunately, the game didn't start until almost 9. We're not sure why. Worse yet, Scott didn't get to play until there were 48 seconds left in the game! Fortunately, he made those seconds worthwhile, with a nice rebound and two baskets, for four points! That's an average of one point every 12 seconds. Since the team ended up winning 45-30, just think how many points he could have scored if he had played a little more. I guess the coach didn't want to beat Westview by too much of a margin. Maybe he just didn't want to make the other coach feel bad. Here's Scott driving the baseline for his second basket of the game.

Matt's chess team is 2-0 now, and Matt is 33-9 with one draw since he started keeping records. That includes 1-1 against me.