13 March 2005

Matt and I tried driving up to Riverside yesterday to see the University of California campus there, but ran into some very heavy traffic and ended up turning around, so that we could make it to Scott's concert on time. We had a nice lunch at Panera, a new restaurant around town. As we were driving in, we noticed a couple parking their Ferrari and commented on it a bit. We found a nice shelteredparking spot (with a median strip on one side and only one adjacent car) right near the restaurant. As we got out of our car, the lady from the Ferrari came up and said, "I'll give you $10 for your parking spot." I directed her to Matt, as he was the driver, and Matt accepted the money. Matt backed out at the same time that another car, about 5 spaces away backed out of a similarly sheltered parking spot. Without hesitation, Matt pulled into the other parking space, which was actually a little closer to the restaurant, and we walked in $10 richer. The Ferrari couple came in after us and stood in line behind us. Nothing more was said.

After lunch, we watched a little volleyball, the drove from Escondido to Oceanside so we could see Scott in his band festival. The photo is Scott at first trombone. It's nice when they sit on the edges, so we can get good photos. Fortunately, my 70-300 mm lens was fast enough to freeze the slide action in the extremely low light of the theater.