11 April 2005

Yeah, he's our Governor. No thanks to me, but I haven't objected too strongly yet. Today, however, he was putting down California teachers as poor performers, lazy, having cushy jobs, etc. He came to our company and gave a speech out on the lawn near the steps. I went to see him, of course, and took a few photographs, of course. I mean, why not go see one of my favorite movie stars. Those Terminator movies, True Lies, Kindergarten Cop, the Twins movie with DeVito: I liked them all. Anyway, about the teachers. From my experience, knowing and observing California teachers over the past 15 years, I've been nothing but impressed. They work harder than most people I know. They take time to know about every student. They dedicate their lives to their jobs and do everything possible and more to help the kids learn. Sometimes the kids don't want to learn, and the parents don't care one way or another and don't help out or provide any incentives or motivations for the kids. Parents not taking the time to volunteer and not putting value on education: those are the real problems. How can one demand that teachers "perform" better if the parents aren't going to be part of the equation? I wonder if our Governator has gone to many California schools and watched our wonderful teachers in action, or sat with them at home or in their libraries as the pour their hearts and souls into classroom projects and curricula? Somehow, I just get the feeling that he really doesn't care and that he really doesn't think paying a few taxes to support public education is worth the cost. I do think it's worth it, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar won't get my vote if he chooses to run for re-election in a few years if he keeps ragging on California teachers this way. He says "increased pay for increased performance." I want to know why they're getting paid so poorly now, while they are performing so well already? I also want to know how he plans to evaluate performance of teachers?

Overall, I've been pleased with the Governator's tenure so far. He really does try to bring people together from both sides. This speech, however, which also addressed pension plans and redistricting, tended to turn my stomach more than it inspired me toward greater appreciation of his efforts.