15 May 2005

Scott took a break from homework and yardwork for a dip in the spa this afternoon. Naturally, I had to go out with my camera and take a photo, then shoot a few baskets with the golf discs. Later in the afternoon, we went down to Morley Field for some real disc golf. We were 27-34 after the first nine, and tied 33-33 in the second nine. As usual, I won by a handful of strokes, thanks mainly to my putting skills. Scott consistently drove just as far as I did from the tee today, and in the second nine, drove much more accurately than I did. My days of beating this kid are limited, especially if he ever starts practicing his putts here in the back yard. A couple of photos from our round at Morley Field are here on Buzznet. On the way home, we stopped in Little Italy for a nice dinner at Zagarella's. Scott had eggplant parmesian; I had lasagne. Both were scrumptious. Mmm. The apetizer olives are wonderful too.