27 May 2005

I took the back roads from Concord, New Hampshire, to Ocean Park, Maine, this afternoon. Didn't expect to see this guy (or gal) in Saco, just west of Interstate 95. It's a Scottish Highland cow, according to a trailer at the dairy across the street. I wonder how the milk tastes. The towns of Northwood and Rochester, NH, Lebanon and Sanford, ME, were each quite nice. I think I like the spring colors in New England better than the fall colors. The light greens of new leaves, the reds and browns of leaves still in the bud, and the colorful flowers on the ground and aloft in trees make for a cheery brightness that I don't typically feel in autumn. Fall is too much a reminder of winter, while spring promises a nice warm, albeit buggy, summer. Then again, in my current home, I dont' need to think much at all about seasons.