4 September 2005

Office hours in Panera tonight for my Miramar class. Nobody showed up, but that's expected, because the quiz is 9 days away and we've only had a week of classes. One student actually talked with me on Instant Messenger earlier in the day, so that was good. He couldn't find the course website. At least he's trying. I think more people will show up next week. I got a cup of coffee and surfed the net a bit, then went home after a half-hour or so. Panera restaurant is nice because it offers free wireless Internet access, but it's a little strange because it blocks my other photo site, http://pipilo.buzznet.com, supposedly (according to the message I get instead of the site) because I have some swimsuits on there. Check it out and let me know if/why you'd censor it.

For you verbivores out there, Scott put some vocabulary words from his AP English class onto our forum.