19 September 2005

A scene from last Wednesday night as the band was waiting to take the field for their rehearsal. Not sure how these guys will do this year. Based on past seasons, we're not expecting much, but it's nice to see them score a few points now and then.

Today I worked all day, then went to Torrey Pines for a run, only to find that it began raining as soon as I finished changing into my running clothes. I sat in my car for a while grading papers, then a thunderstorm started up, so I decided to postpone the beach run for a later date. Tonight around midnight, a larger thunderstorm passed by. Some thunderclaps were close and loud enough to set off several car alarms in the neighborhood. I woke up and closed some windows, then talked with Matt a bit online. He had played racquetball and basketball for a couple of hours today. Ahh, college.


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