1 November 2005

At the band tournament last Saturday, one of my jobs was to sit in this booth for a couple of hours and be the tournament announcer. "And now, from Moorpark, California, the Marching Musketeers!" Anyway, the room wasn't nearly this peaceful and quiet during my stint as announcer. The judges were in there with me and it was a madhouse. During the show, six or seven of them would talk continuously into their tape recorder microphones, commenting on the music, the marching, the dancing, the percussion, and everything they could think of, nonstop and louder than I had expected. They were even talking as I was reading my announcements. The bands listen to the tapes after the show, so they can learn what they did right and wrong.

Most of the day I was just walking around taking photos. In fact, my arms are still a little sore from holding up the camera so much all day long, and my legs are sore from walking around the high school all day. It's a good soreness.



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