4 November 2005

For some reason, Verizon no longer supports my favorite cell phone, the Samsung A310 (on the right). They replaced it three times, all with the same result: I was unable to connect with anyone. Actually, I connected, but they couldn't hear me. Very frustrating. Anyway, I suspect they did something with their software that the A310 couldn't handle, or something like that. It's a great little phone, just the right shape and size, and simple enough to operate as a phone, pocket watch, and alarm clock. That's all I need. Now they've decided to give me a free replacement: the Samsung A650 (on the left). It seems like a nice phone, somewhat smaller (which isn't all that great), color screen inside (also no big deal for me), missing my favorite "fanfare" alarm clock sound (a disappointment), missing the front display (another disappointment). I'll use it for a while, then upgrade someday to a camera phone when I see one that I like and that isnt' terribly expensive.



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