7 January 2006

I took a few photos of the younger division games at RPB today. These are 4th graders, I think. I love the expression on the kids face as he's going up for the shot. The guy standing in the background is a photographer whom some parents are actually paying to get photos of their kid. Sounds like a good side job to me. Anyway, Scott had an RPB game later in the day, but I didn't have my camera, so you'll see him on here later. It's a fun time of year watching all these kids playing basketball. Last night, I presented the Scorekeepers and Timekeepers Clinic to approximately 84 parents who wanted to volunteer to work at the table behind the scoreboard, keeping records of the game and running the scoreboard. It's a great job because the table is right at center court and you're deeply involved with the game as one of its officials. Naturally, I did the scoresheets at Scott's game, which his team won, by the way, by a score of 42-35. Scott had a free throw and a three-point basket for a total of 4 points in the game.



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