My Haiku Page

Scott is insecure.
He knows not how to haiku.
Flooded with doubt, he.
My back yard is fun.
We have a pool with no fish.
Okay, not too fun.
Your mother asks you
Have you finished your homework?
You're gazing outside.
Your mother asks you
Have you practiced your trumpet?
You just A.I.M.
The trombone trigger
Lowers each note by a fourth
And seems like cheating.
Trumpet players think
The world revolves around them
Are they so supreme?
It's my San Diego.
Ribbon highways, crashing waves.
No time to enjoy.
Exciting ocean
Photosynthesis creates
Tiny green plant life
Balanced equations
Are what smart chemists use for
Balanced reactions
Provide the foundation for
Chemists know to use only
Balanced equations
Scott's hair sandy brown.
Falling straight over his face.
Obscuring forehead.
Current through electrodes makes
H2 and O2
Processing carbon atoms
Into lush green plants
Current passing through water
H2 and O2
Electricity creates
O2 and H2
Snickers the strange cat.
Plays with anything he finds.
Then he eats it up.
Jazzy runs away
From anything anyone
Never stops to visit.
A standard haiku
Has seventeen syllables
And mentions nature.
Time is getting short
I need to write my haiku
Oh no! Nature calls.

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