Building D10 October 2001

I work on the 4th floor in this building, on the inner curve, on the far (left) side of the building. My window faces toward the northeast, so it doesn't get too sunny, except during rare non-foggy mornings. Today it's so foggy that I can't even see a building that's a few hundred yards away. One great thing about this building is the stairway on the far side of the building. It goes straight up to the 7th floor, so you could see up its entire length, were it not for the slight curvature of the building. The main entrance is on the near side. I rarely enter that way; I find better parking places on the other side, and it's fun to climb that stairway. I've yet to take the elevator in this building. Unfortunately, the morning climb is all too often my only strenuous exercise of the day.


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