The shoe tree at Hole #226 December 2001

Another pic from the archives. It's been far too long since I've played disc golf at Morley, one of my favorite things to do in San Diego. This is Scott at the 2nd tee, back in July 2000, when we were playing quite frequently. Scott's black disc is visible just above and slightly left of his head. As usual, it's straight and flat, and heading directly toward the pin.

The "shoe tree" had only one or two pairs on it when we started playing together. Now there must be several dozen. It's become somewhat of a landmark.

The pin is usually up behind the trees. An easy right curve, around the left side of the leaning tree straight up the hill, usually does the trick. A couple of alternate pin placements way over to the left require a well-placed left curve, deep enough to stay out of the dense woods on the left and strong enough to get through the tunnel of tree-trunks before the hole. Two more pin positions are over to the right, requiring a strong drive under (or over) the nearly horizontal branch of the pine tree. All six pin positions are relatively easy to birdie.

Seems we never have time to play anymore. Too much else going on.

Today I worked all day, then we went car shopping in the evening. Had dinner at our favorite little Mexican place in Poway. Looked at Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty (again), and Mazda Tribute. Drove the latter two, but not the Ford. Most of us like the Mazda best. Susan will decide, since she'll be the principal driver (until Matt gets his permit).


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