A cool $1.7 million28 December 2001

Perhaps this'll be the only way that I'll be worth $1.7 million in this lifetime. That's the value of a 6' 2" stack of $100 bills, as calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. We walked by at least this much moolah in August 2000 just before this photo was taken.

'Twas another good day at work today. I am creating an Microsoft Access database for a customer from an air emissions inventory that I did last year in Microsoft Excel. The hard, and fun, part is that I've never used Microsoft Access before, so it's a "learning" project. I've been finding that Access is able to perform calculations, just like Excel. The advantage to Access is that it's much better able to catch, and encourage one to repair, the "garbage-in garbage-out" problem. I thought I had everything nice and tidy in the Excel spreadsheets that I created last year. Now that I'm creating this database, however, Access has found a few inconsistencies. It's really a nice application, that Access.

Now that I have some idea of how Access works, I'll probably spend a bit of time in 2002 creating Access databases for my chemistry class grades, the basketball statistics that I maintain during the RPB season, the aircraft emission calculations that I always struggle with, and perhaps a few things at home, like digital photographs!


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