Band rehearsal16 October 2003

Susan's dad came to see the band's weekly Wednesday night rehearsal last night. Every Wednesday, the marching band and color guard rehearse for three hours. In fact, the color guard does it again on Mondays, for four hours! They march their drill, then play for a while, then put it all together for a good run through the field show program. This is the first year I've had the opportunity to see the band on Wednesday nights, now that my class has switched to Tuesday and Thursday. I get their as early as I can, so I can take photos during daylight. Later, I sit grading papers or working on my laptop. The nighttime photos tend to blur sometimes, if I don't use the flash (or tripod). A few parents stay the whole time, but most show up around 8:00, to watch the last hour or so to watch the field show. Bob enjoyed the rehearsal, being that it was less hectic than the tournament he attended last year. He even got to hear the director say, over the loudspeaker, "Scott Lingner, you're doing an awful lot of talking for a freshman." We're so proud... :)



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