Work20 October 2003

Today's the day I catch up on the last 9 days of this site. Things have been busy at work and school, and we've been busy at home too. Here's a photograph I took with my Kodak mc3 on the way to work this morning. This is the first of four buildings at which I've worked during my 13-year career at SAIC. I had an interior office on the third floor, right next to the coffee room for the first 2-3 years, maybe longer. In 1994,during Bobby's last visit here, I started drinking coffee and haven't stopped. Once a day to get the blood moving and open the eyes. First cup was this morning at 6 am, before my drive to work. Second cup was around 3 pm, from Starbucks, right after my visit to the Verizon store to ask a few questions about our cell phone bill. Strange, they couldn't answer the questions, and referred me to the telephone customer service or the webite. Doh. Well, the coffee was good, anyway.



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