15 March 2004

Here's an old photo from a field trip to SeaWorld with Scott's 4th grade class in 1998. I always liked going on field trips with Matt or Scott. It was a great chance to see each kid with his peers. Those were wonderful days.

Today, Scott was voted captain of his freshman volleyball team. He had played on the middle school volleyball team for the past three years, and now is playing for Mt. Carmel High School. I don't know how he got so good at this sport. Maybe it's genetic and skipped a generation back to Dad's days playing volleyball at Nature Training School.

We had our annual 8-hour OSHA refresher training at work today. Our trainer was more interesting than some of the others we've had in the past 13 years I've been "certified" to do hazardous waste operations work. Fortunately, I guess, I haven't had to bother doing any actual hazardous waste-related work lately, but it's nice to stay certified anyway.

I went to Vons grocery store tonight for the first time since before the strike started more than 6 months ago. It wasn't that great, other than the fact that it's closer than the other stores. I'll probably go there less than I used to. I bought some smoked salmon, brussel sprouts, canned corn, sardines with mustard, bags of fresh spinach and arigula, and some M&M's.



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