Kerry 200417 March 2004

Although I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the primary, I fully support John Kerry, the virtual nominee, in his campaign to become our next President. I have now joined the "Kerry Core" and now have a personal web page on Click on the sign, take a look, and make a contribution if you want. Other opportunities for volunteering include Kerry yard signs, like the one on the left here, Kerry meet-ups, in which you can meet like-minded people in your area, and working at the local Kerry office. I'll quite likely be participating in some or all of these activities during the coming seven and a half months. Click on the photo of Kerry to visit his campaign website, then start reading about the campaign. If you're a Bush supporter, I hope that you really stop to think about the consequences of allowing him to embarrass our country for another four years. He has ruined our economy, is taking aim at destroying the environment, and has largely ignored or shunned the world community on which we depend for our long-term security. This election is so important, I can't help getting involved and standing up for our country. Please look past the media hype, polls, and negative ads, and find out about the real issues that affect our future and national security, and PLEASE vote on November 2nd.




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