29 May 2004

Today was my last day at Mesa College for a while, as I'll be back at Miramar full time, well half time, actually, for the next two semesters. Half time teaching is the limit for adjunct instructors, so with the maximum load at one college, I can't teach at the other. Make sense? Not really. I'm not sure why the limit exists, but it does. I'll miss this place, and the people I work with here. The good news is that we're getting a new lab building at Miramar in the fall.

It's been a busy day. My car got an oil change, I finished grading final exams for two out of three classes, did some shopping. We all went to the mall for dinner: the kids had chili bowls from Boudin, Susan had orange chicken from Panda Express, and I had a fresh corn dog and lemonade from Hotdog On A Stick. Later rented some movies.



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