16 October 2004

Okay, my first impression after attending the game in Memorial Stadium today is that nobody in Lincoln can avoid being a football fan after witnessing such an event. As I had expected, the place was filled with red-clad screaming fans for most of the game. Outside, before the game, the streets were filled with red, as people poured into the stadium and took advantage of the pulled pork bbq and Runza sandwiches and other Nebraska delicacies. Fortunately, for the Husker faithful, their team reversed the fates of last week and won big over the visitors from Texas. After buying my ticket so I could watch the marching band, I'm glad I stuck around for the football game. It was a perfect fall day for football, reminiscent of my days watching the Bobcats and Boilermakers, the latter of whom I'm now watching on the TV from my hotel room. We'll see if this renewed interest lasts. For now, I'm once again excited about the game.

Red Sox down 12-6 in the 5th. Purdue lost a crazy game to the "we don't need no stinkin" Badgers. At least the day started out well, as I got to attend a college football game in perhaps the greatest college football town in the country: Lincoln, Nebraska. Ever since the 1960s, watching football games with Grampa in Holden, I remember associating Nebraska with college football. I wasn't disappointed. The level of fanaticism and the glare of red in the stadium were like nothing I'd experienced before in a football game. It was nice to be there on this perfectly crisp fall day.

13-6 now. Sigh...



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