27 April 2005

Late night on the web. Having a laptop is both a blessing and a curse. I love it, and would feel lost without it, as it supports both of my jobs and nearly all of my hobbies. Well, the two main hobbies are web design and photography, lately, and they're all about computers. Tonight after class, I just couldn't go to sleep, as is often the case after an evening of interaction with students. Susan knows I'll be up moving around or typing, shuffling things about, so she stays downstairs and usually falls asleep watching TV. I stay up downloading and uploading photos, updating sites, reading and sending emails, browsing the web, catching up on projects for my day job, grading papers, tabulating grades, you name it. I always seem to be busy, which is another blessing and curse, as I'm always interested in things, but rarely satisfied that I've actually finished something. That's how it goes.