17 September 2005

Matt's new home!

Today was move-in day for Matt at UCI. We left the house a little before 8:00 am and got there at 9:15. Had a nice breakfast at the Cafe de Paris, across from the campus, then dropped off Matt's stuff at Harrowdale, the name of his dorm in Middle Earth, one of the two freshman housing communities. Susan helped Matt set up his half of the room, then Matt's roommate showed up and we got to know them. Susan and I went to Target to pick up a few things for the room, including shelves for under the bed. When we got back, it was time for lunch at the Pippin Commons, a quite spectacular 2-story dining area in Matt's housing neighborhood. We walked over to the bookstore to pick up a few more items, including a cable lock for Matt's computer) and to show Scott the campus (which he'd never seen from the inside). Susan and Scott left soon after that, and I stayed for a parent orientation. We soon learned that Matt's housing area doesn't have wireless Internet (which was a surprise), so Matt and I walked back to the bookstore to buy a ethernet cable for his computer. I left soon after that, and decided that dropping off a kid at college is one of the most difficult parenting tasks so far, yet at the same time one of the most exciting. Matt is starting on a wonderful adventure of friendships and studies, and UCI seems to be a perfect place for him. Next week is "Welcome Week" with lots of additional activities planned at Middle Earth. Classes start on Friday. Matt has no Friday classes, so he starts the following Monday. This all makes me wish I was back in college.


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