Scott's serve17 December 2001

Scott is on the 7th grade volleyball team at his school. He played last year too, but since his games are always right after school, I had never seen one. Today, I took the afternoon off to grade some papers and got a chance to see a few volleyball games later in the day, before my class.

Scott's team lost the first game, then won the next two. The final few points, including the game-winner, were on Scott's serve. Here he is serving in the second game, after winning a point. This serve went in, but the other team earned a side-out after a few volleys. Scott has pretty good serve, and the team is fun to watch. It's easy to envision some of them playing on the high school team, or on the beach, later in their lives.

This photo looks terribly dark on one of our computers, and not so bad on the other. Let me know how it looks on yours.


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